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"Am I a female white Cuban-Spaniard-American?"

I was born in 1950 and grew up half of my childhood in Havana, Cuba and the other half in N.J. where I ended up after escaping communism, came alone with another child.

I grew up as the child or grandchild of Spaniard immigrants as many Cubans are; and without intermarriage with any other nationality we are White Cubans or white Hispanics. Many get offended when I identify myself as white and I almost feel apologetic, but what else am I? Just as if I was Italian, French or whatever. I did not grow up with discrimination and the words black or white were use as a term of endearment, not an insult or just as an identifying fact. We still use “mi negrita," and “oye blanquita." I call my daughter "chinita" because of her almond eyes, these are all terms of love and acceptance, and just who we are.

The first time I encountered discrimination was in 1962 traveling from N.J. to Miami. I knew the bathroom and water fountains for whites only were wrong, I was just 11, I had never encountered discrimination and did not know how wrong these were, and what was going on in this country!

In Cuba, restaurants, hospitals, schools, transportation were equal for all, don’t let anyone tell you different. The then president was part Spaniard, part Chinese, part black -- not that anyone cared. Now only whites are the heads of government. Castro was a slave owner with his family and in a worse way he still is now. So, am I a female white Cuban-Spaniard-American? No I am just me, call me what you want, I know who I am and if you are too misinformed or too ignorant to know better, oh well, such is our new society, sad! Don't be afraid to ask, I will not be offended on the contrary. No labels for me.