donate squareThe TalkingRace project has two objectives. The first is to collect stories about people’s experiences with race, and to use those stories to promote a constructive conversation about race in America.

The second is to conduct a scientific sociological study regarding the state and nature of attitudes about race in America. This is the part where we need your help.

We have contracted with Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder and her research team to conduct a pilot study where we will convene focus groups, facilitate conversations about race, and collect data that will be valuable to the broader study of race relations in America.

Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder is uniquely qualified to lead this research effort, and we are working to raise funds to help cover expenses related to executing the pilot study (research design, data collection and analysis). We estimate those costs to be approximately $9,000. If we raise more than $9,000, we may use a portion of the funds for administrative fees and to hold in reserve for the next phase of the project.

Based upon the results of the focus group, we plan to apply for additional funding to conduct broader research with a sharper focus. Our goal is to identify the factors that inhibit interracial dialogue and to develop techniques to foster constructive conversation.

This project is being funded through Justice Outreach, and the receipt for your donation will represent that. IMPORTANT: Your donation to Justice Outreach is NOT tax deductible.

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